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PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

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PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

I noticed 2 fraudulent charges on my PP Buyers Credit account. Of course I filed dispute on line. One charge was refunded within a few days, as it should be.


I received email today from PP, saying that my claim denied and some P.O.Box address in NE, if I wish to get copy of documents. 


Called CS, rep told me that they feel, based on resemblance of IP address, that somebody in my household made a purchase, which is impossible. No option of appeal was offered.


After conversation with PP rep, I filed dispute with GEMB and filed complaint with BBB (useless, but let me vent my frustration)


Both accounts will be closed in short time.


Now, need advice part.


What agency has jurisdiction to investigate such decision and oblige PP or/and GEMB to refund m?





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Re: PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

File a police report for fraudulent charge / potential identity theft.  However, make sure that nobody in your house is responsible for the purchase.  You may consider putting a freeze and/or fraud alert on your CR's as well.


Write a letter to GEMB and Paypal, include a copy of the police report.  Request a copy of all documents pertaining to the purchase including the IP Address, product/purchased items and the shipping address and tracking numbers of the purchases.  Be sure they include dates, merchant, name of buyer (if not yours), etc.


Update your BBB complaint with these as well.

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Re: PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

I have closing in three weeks, so I can not  file report for potential identity theft. I am freezing my credit file in all 4 agencies after closing, meanwhile I pull daily my report.


Thanks for info.

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Re: PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

I completely understand how you feel. I a seller ripped me off after I used paypal buyer credit. I argued with paypal and they said so sorry but we won't help you. I complained to the BBB and was referred to GEMB. I have an ongoing 5-6wks now dispute and I've no idea how much longer this can go on. PayPal just sucks it.
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Re: PayPal Buyers Credit. Need Advice.

GEMB has told me that dispute takes at least 60 days.


PayPal indeed sux.

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