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Pen Fed CLI! Discover... Not so much

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Pen Fed CLI! Discover... Not so much

I feel like I'm ranting here but, Pen Fed just raised my credit limit on my Visa from $5K to $25K automatically.  I've had the account since 7/09 and I opened it with a $10 share account.  My share accoubnt is still $10.  I called them this morning and they also pre-approved for a 2.99% interest car loan.  Their customer service is fabulous!  They called me yesterday to tell me they were raising my credit limit!


I called Discover in August to see if I could get my measly $1700 limit raised so I could take advantage ot their 5% cash back on travel for the trip I had planned and they told me I appeared to be a credit risk because I revolve a $700 balance on a signature card.  I'll pull their card out once in a very great while to dust it off by buying a pack of gum on it. 

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