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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

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- What did you App for (CC, Auto...)? The works...(See below)

- Approved or Declined? Approved (Loan Officer)

- Date of app? Late July 2014 - Mid August 2014

- EQ FICO at app? 768

- # of Inquiries at app? 3

- Any Derogs at app: None

- Oldest Account Age? 13 years 2 months

- Newest Account Age? 1 month

- AAoA at app? 8 years

- Highest CL at app? 25k

- EQ Utilization Percentage? Between 50% & 80%

- Requested CL? (See Below)

- Instant Approval, LO Review or Decline? LO Review on all

- Income Verification Required? Yes

- Any Counter Offer from PenFed? No

- If declined, reason given? N/A

- Any comments you think helpful?

So the story goes like this, in early July I got into credit monitoring through the USAA 3 bureau report program and learned I had really good credit, this spurred me to learn more, read a tone of forums and begin researching the best way to consolidate my debt portfolio to reduce monthly payments and interest. After research, I found that a credit union would be the best way to turn my good credit to my advantage, and through research found that the best CU around to do this through was PenFed based upon their rates, and CC products available.


As 11 years active duty military, I qualified for a membership, so I opened a savings account and immediately applied for the Defender AMEX card to do CC debt consolidation. I was approved by a loan officer about 24 hours later for a 5k credit limit. I called customer services and asked for CL increase to 20K to allow for a BT and it was approved the next day. A week later after getting my card activated, I did the BT and realized this card was so sweet that I wanted some room to use it for bills and at Costco, and didn’t transfer the full amount I was intending, so I called back and asked for another CL increase to 25k to allow for another BT and was approved by a loan officer about 48 hours later. I then opened a checking account and applied for a 36 month auto re-finance (2010 vehicle) at 2.49% for 15k and was approved 24 hours later. Good experience on that, quick and easy. I then shot for the moon and figured I might as well try for the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature card while they were still working off the original Hard Pull, and I was approved for that at a 5k CL about 24 hours later. I didnt push my luck asking for more on that (yet) as my UTIL will probably be around the 500 a month mark.


All in all, I got everything I asked for, put my entire debt portfolio under PenFed and plan to do most of my banking and CC use with them. Great customer service, when I had to use it. I noticed every one of my requests went through a loan officer, but it was hassle free. Now im saving hundreds a month on interest rates and have a much lower use to limit ratio overall.


Update: On August 31st I used the PenFed car buying service to buy a new Honda at 22k, was approved by loan officer the next morning at 1.89% for 60 months. Special Labor day financing was just too good to pass up, and we needed a new car anyways. Once again, PenFed came through where USAA auto declined me and wouldnt reconsider. The dealer couldnt beat the rate either. PenFed used the same HP from July to approve me!


All told, PenFed has extended me 67k of credit in 5 weeks, all with minimal hassle. Total revolving util is now below 50%.

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

That is a great story. I just joined them and my scores are abou 760 EQ with 0 bas and about 9% CLU. I wonder which 
card to get to start my journey. I plan on getting a car loan with them like you did.

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

llecs wrote:

hobojon wrote:

score_building wrote:

so even though you cancelled the loan it reports as a pif loan?

hobojon wrote:
I had a preapproval for their card show up online right after they pulled EQ for a car loan. I accepted the offer and they pulled TU as well. When I got the check for the car loan I cancelled the loan and sent the check back to them. I now have a paid in full car loan on my report for the next 10 years.

Yes, it reports as paid in full, closed, which is accurate. They gave me the loan and I paid it off. My last new car loan through NFCU 10 years ago I did the same thing although it wasn't on purpose. I got the check from them and went to the dealer with it. They had sold the vehicle I was going to buy so I returned the check and that loan was reported as paid in full, closed, and has been for 10 years. It just fell off of EQ and I expect it to fall off the other two shortly.


Message Edited by hobojon on 04-09-2009 01:40 AM


That's a fast way to lose points. Not only will it drop your AAoA and score, but it doesn't help in your mix of credit because it is reporting as closed.

not only that but auto loans have a 75 dollar origination fee so you are paying for the privelege of changing your mind or whatever is going on with this strategy. 

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

- What did you App for (CC, Auto...)?     Platinum Rewards Visa Signature

- Approved or Declined?                         Instant online Approval

- Date of app?                                       6/29/2016

- EQ FICO at app?                                670ish range

- # of Inquiries at app?                           2

- Any Derogs at app:                             10 student loan lates from 4 years ago and later

- Oldest Account?                                 8 yrs

- AAoA at app?                                     3 yrs

- Highest CL at app?                              $18k Discover

- Instant Approval, LO Review or Decline?  Instant

- Income Verification Required?                 Yes -NO

- Any Counter Offer from PenFed?             No

- If declined, reason given?

- Any comments you think helpful?

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

Been lurking for a bit, first time poster.. 


I just opend the PenFed savings account, and tried to apply for joint credit, thinking my chances would be better. My TU is 668 & EQ 672 and it got declined for, collections, too many open balances i think, and something along the lines of, too few accounts paid as agreed.


Got instantly denied for the Cash rewards.. 


Tried again just after for the  Visa GOLD.. and got the LO thing..

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

Bumping this thread with my own recent loan info:


- What did you App for (CC, Auto...)?     Used auto loan

- Approved or Declined?                         Instant approval (loan officer; app actually started online but I decided to go apply in person)

- Date of app?                                       2/24/17

- EQ FICO at app?                                690 (a real surprise, thought it'd be at least 20 points lower)

- # of Inquiries at app?                           1

- Any Derogs at app:                             BK from 2014, student loan that was late a few years ago but is now current

- Oldest Account?                                 22 years

- AAoA at app?                                     8 yrs

- Highest CL at app?                              $3K Capital One MC unsecured

- Instant Approval, LO Review or Decline?  Instant

- Income Verification Required?                 Yes

- Any Counter Offer from PenFed?             No

- If declined, reason given?

- Any comments you think helpful?      I'm lucky to live in the DC area so have several PenFed branches to go to to do business in person (I went to the Pentagon City

                                                             branch near where I work), I think applying in person might have helped my approval odds but it's just a guess. YMMV.  Now

                                                             wondering if I should try for the Promise Visa with an EQ that's just 10 points away from "good" territory.

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Re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

- What did you App for (CC, Auto...)? Powercash Rewards CC & auto loan refinancing

- Approved or Declined? Approved

- Date of app? 02/25/2017

- EQ FICO at app? 691

- # of Inquiries at app? 35

- Any Derogs at app: none

- Oldest Account Age? 21 months

- Newest Account Age? 1 month.

- AAoA at app? 11 months

- Highest CL at app? $11500

- EQ Utilization Percentage? 6%

- Instant Approval, LO Review or Decline? Lo review

- Income Verification Required? No

- Approved limit ? 3500 cc & 15500 auto loan with 4.25% apr. ( I Didnt take the auto loan as i had lower apr with toyota)

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2009 data ? ? ? re: PenFed Credit Union - APP results and FICO SURVEY

Time for some FRESH data!


joe8185 wrote:

Bumping this (OLD) thread with my own recent loan info:



The thread located below is less than ONE year old, and does not contain data from 2009.


Many current participants with an endless amount of EXCEPTIONAL first hand Knowledge from their personal experiences, and I am sure most of them are still very active on this site.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Data Share



05/03/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 546, TU 501, EX 548
09/01/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 662, TU 628, EX 657
10/04/16 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 692, TU 665, EX 686
01/15/17 Fico 8 Scores: EQ 706, TU 670, EX 687 * all Yellow / Good

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