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Penfed Platium Rewards Card NO MORE!!!

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Penfed Platium Rewards Card NO MORE!!!

I Realized today that Penfed no longer had there platium rewards card on there website. It looks like the Platium Rewards Signutare Visa is the replacement. I just apped for the platium rewards card 2 weeks ago figuring that I could upgrade down the road if I wanted. I am glad apped when I did because I like the old 5,3,1 point level vs. the 3,2,1 on the siggy with a limited time ofter of 5,3,1. I hope they don't change the older card points values.

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Re: Penfed Platium Rewards Card NO MORE!!!

Yes, this has been discussed here a few times.   See post 3 of

for Penfed's statement on whether rewards will be reduced on the older cards. (For what it is worth!)

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