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Plan of action for CSP and the next 6 mo to a year including freezing reports. Does it make sense?

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Re: Plan of action for CSP and the next 6 mo to a year including freezing reports. Does it make sens


Sorry for not saying thanks again to everybody sooner, but once again thanks. LS2982, I've been monitoring the CC/myFico boards and it seems like Chase might be getting a little less strict with their requirements based on the different profiles of people I've seen approved (myself included), so maybe that was a factor in my obtaining the card. Could be they're loosening up due to other card competition, in conjunction with the possibility that the housing market's gradual recovery is having the proximate effect of bolstering confidence in lending across the board. All I know is I'm happy they approved me whatever the reason! Opening the checking account probably didn't hurt though.

scenery_guy, could you let me know (feel free to PM if you have time) how it goes/went with the Chase investment guy? I'm exploring my investment and retirement options (I'm in my mid-30's but had a misspent youth) with First Republic, Chase, Schwab, and Fidelity (they have a 2% cash back amex that goes directly into your accounts). The only thing about the Fidelity branch near me is that it has rather lukewarm/horrible reviews. I'm looking into other online trading companies (Etrade, TD Ameritrade, etc), but I might use a combination of two (one retirement/one investing) so just curious how your experience goes/went. When I was opening my account the Chase financial advisor for that branch stopped by with his hands/arms full of files and a briefcase too small to hold them. After a brief Q&A, we joked around that he needed to get a bigger briefcase to hold his files, but it didn't inspire confidence that he's an advisor but doesn't have the organizational skills to select the right size briefcase for his files or vice versa. If he can't asses the physical dimensions of compatibility between files and and a briefcase, how will he be able to select the correct investment/retirement plan to fit my needs? Then again Einstein was a bit of a slob so who knows.

Anyway, thanks again to everybody!
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