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Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

My AMEX Zync is the only card I have that has ever garnished the attention of others.


It's just rare.

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

Guess you ended up getting the PRG after all!

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

Dubious wrote:

Guess you ended up getting the PRG after all!

Yeah, imma give it a shot!!

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

It's interesting to see the different responses here. Both of the following are true, but it depends on whom you ask.


Open123 wrote:

I think any metal card, Amex charge, and any Black colored cards tend to wow people.

+1. These are the cards that seem to impress most people, at least from what I've found.


longtimelurker wrote:

This is frequently asked, and the answer often comes back to the cards you exclude!   Basically, it's possible for almost anyone, with time (for bad stuff to drop off) and discipline , to get a very high (800+) score and corresponding good and clean credit history, and that's enough for any "normal" card.


So what's left is those cards for high-net-worth invididuals that are by invitation only.


I know that is not what you had in mind, but basically any other "wow" card, especially things like the Amex Plat and the CSP, are available to a very large segment of the population, they just don't happen to have them.  And rarity isn't a good criterion either, because otherwise "Visa from very small credit union" would jump to the top.


+1. This is the reality, but most people in the general population don't know this much about credit.



The other thing is that how one defines "average people" varies from place to place. In certain parts of the country, an income of 100k would be fantastic. In other parts, it may let you rent somewhat comfortably, but not much more.

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

@repo yup everyone is like wow thats cool and its white with glitter lol. Yup its a unicorn and a keeper!

But for "prestige" cards I say CSP, BCP and TYP WEMC (this one I want cause of the silver mc logo lol)

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

My CSP, BCE tends to wow people the most.

Recently the BofA BankAmericard Privileges /w Cash Rewards really boosted it. Probably the color of it and how it feel to hold it. It plastic but got flat paint and feel to it.
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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

eagles08 wrote:

When we talk about prestigious cards we hear about the AMEX Centurion or the JP Morgan Palladium.  I know these cards carry huge prestige!  However, whats a card of high prestige for the avgerage American?  The less than $100,000 a year salary guy.  I'm talking about the cards that get a "wow" at Food Lion, Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, or maybe the local golf course.  If you were a cashier at a similar establishment, what cards would wow you?  I know when I saw any American Express card I was wowed or made assumptions about the person's wealth and credit status but thats the only card I really thought anything of due to my lack of knowledge.  Now I'd probably still be impressed by any AMEX, or the CSP.  So in your opinion, whats got that "wow" or "niceeeee!" factor?

For me its my PRG. Its my go-to card. Smiley Happy

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

The only card I've received questions about was my AMEX Blue Cash Everday. I think it's the clear factor that confuses a lot of cashiers, and coupled with my age they think I either stole it or I'm borrowing it from my parents. I usually get IDed when I use my AMEX but I never do using anything else. It's a little annoying.

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Re: Prestigious Cards for "Average People"

chnceit wrote:
 (this one I want cause of the silver mc logo lol)

Not at all a bad reason!  The MC in emboldened silver does look pretty darn cool.  People comment it on how good it looks when I use the Ink cards.

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