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Product change / Combining

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Product change / Combining

I actually  have two questions.


1. I was wondering how product changing works. I have a Chase Perfect card and I wanted to see if I could change it to Chase Freedom. If you change your product does your cl change also?


2. I was also wondering how combining works. I have two cards through Capital One. Both cards have a limit of $750. So if I combined them I'd get a card with a limit of $1,500? What happens with the cards history? One of the capital one cards is my oldest card.


I've found this forum to be very helpful. 

Thanks for all the help

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Re: Product change / Combining


Welcome to the forums.


1. Call CSR and ask for product change. They will review your account history/overall credit history and will decide if they let you switch. One thing that Chase is particularly looking for is under 50% utilization.

They will try to keep your APR and CL as close as possible to existing.


My experience with chase was mixed. I asked for product change from Chase Disney into something else and they denied the request. However, they approved combining of two cards. Go figure.


2. You can decide which card to keep, obviously pick one with longest history/lower APR. If you don't want to close the account, you can elect to keep the minimum CL (Chase had $500 minumum, not sure about Capital One) and tranfser the rest to the other card. Personally, I didn't know it's possible until CSR suggested it!

If you close one of the cards, it will report history for 10 years after which it will fall off. There will be no change to the other card. 


Does it answer your question? 

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