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Public Bank

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Public Bank

I have been reading the information about this card. Does anyone know if they do an inquiry when you apply? If so, is it a hard or soft inquiry? Also, what are the pros and cons of this card?
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Re: Public Bank

I don't know what this is, but I don't know any credit you can get without an inq except in rare occasions when you have been pre-approved
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Re: Public Bank

This is a secured card.
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Re: Public Bank

I looked into getting this card about 6 months ago and decided to not apply for it after reviewing the details of the card. This card will NEVER unsecure, has a one-time processing fee of $79, and the deposit does not earn interest. If you're willing to put up money for a secured card I would seek out a credit union. 
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Re: Public Bank

It's a hard inquiry.


Also, this is a subprime, ripoff card. $79 account set up fee? WTF.


Don't waste your time. You want your credit to go forward, not backwards.

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Re: Public Bank

Thanks to all of you for your info. I will try a credit union.

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Re: Public Bank

While I will agree that it sucks that it will never unsecure, I will throw out there that I got my husband a Public Savings Bank card with a limit of $300 a few months ago, and there was no $79 fee. Just my experience. Good luck.
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Re: Public Bank

Credit Unions are good, but Public Savings Bank does not pull credit at all.  I applied a few months ago and had a decent experience.  They report now to all 3 bureaus and my score has gone up.  I like that there are no other fees past the $79 to get the card.


It's true, the deposit earns no interest, but who cares?  It's pennies in the grand scheme of things.


Applied Bank has agood card, but the monthly fees are really high.  They also only report to 2 bureaus.

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Re: Public Bank

I got this card 4 months ago.   It was easy and quick.  There was no credit inquiry.  They only verify your indenity.  I have had no problems with it.


The only fee is $79 which you pay with the deposit, so if you plan to keep the card for several years, that is better than most secured cards.


It was the right choice for me. 





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Re: Public Bank



Pro: So I can get this card, set my limit, and not get a credit check (higher limit than BofA secured).

It reports to all three CRB as regular credit card

It's pretty


Con: It will never unsecure

I pay 79 bucks



I'm wondering if I really need it. I want to build my credit, I have a BofA secured for 300, a Cap1 for 500, and a BBRZ for 1,000. All new. I have the money to put into a secured card, 1 or 2 grand, but do I really need it?

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