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Question about Barclay's/ request for CLI

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Re: Question about Barclay's/ request for CLI

Jayb5635 wrote:
I would only want to do it if it will net me a cli on barclays rewards mastercard. I'd write myself a check, deposit it in my account, and immediately pay it back. I have to check what was written on the letter they sent me with some checks yesterday. I do remember quickly glancing at the letter and it saying something about my credit line

Yeah, that's it.  


If you read it, it stipulates your CL will raise by the amount of the check you write to yourself.  There are no fees, other than the 2%.  You can pay it off, or carry a 0% balance for up to 18 months.


Of course, if you don't need the money, you're in essence paying 2% for a CLI.  Whether that's worth it or not depends entirely on you.

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Re: Question about Barclay's/ request for CLI

I got a similar offer on my NFL card on Friday. It was for A 18 mos BT, and if you write the check for 3k, they will give you a CLI for that amount.

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