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Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

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Re: Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

Love zombie threads. RED debit sounds like a pretty good idea though, 5% off is a pretty good deal for not doing much

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Re: Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

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Re: Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

calogan wrote:

trumpet-205 wrote:

So does Target pull your credit report even though you are applying for a debit card? If so is it a soft or hard pull? Finally if they do pull CR which one they pull it from?

There is no pull on your credit reports, hard, soft, or otherwise for the DEBIT CARD version.


I went through the same panic and questions before I applied, what they DO is pull a report on you through another vendor (not on of the credit report providers) on your check writing history, etc.  I believe they use CHEX, althogh I'm not 100% sure on that - it may be another vendor.


Short answer: They check you out, but not through a hard or soft pull on your credit report through one of the big three CRAs.


This is false information. TNB Target soft pulled my Experian report on the date I applied for my REDCard Debit card. They also pull from the company they use for check processing (can't remember which, but I requested paper reports from all the major ones like ChexSystems a few months back, and one of them definitely had an inquiry matching the date of my application).


It says in the terms and conditions that they use CRAs, and it even warns you on the electronic pad before you sign the application. I used to work for Target, and I would get plenty of apprehension and complaints over this. Even had a few guests come back to the store after reviewing their reports to tell me they saw an inquiry.

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Re: Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

I applied for the Debit card a few months ago and no HP. Very happy with the savings!

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Re: Question about REDCard Debit Inquiry

So if any of you are on CHEX then I doubt they'll approve you.  BK usually gets rid of your Chex issues though.


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