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Question about baddies and applying for credit cards


Question about baddies and applying for credit cards

I have two baddies on my Experian & Transunion report, lender pull 638 on both. The baddies are from an overdrafted bank account $715 BOA the CA agency keeps reporting it each month (ugh) last date of activity 3/09 but when into default back in 07 or so. I called regarding the baddie back in 3/09. The other baddie occured in 2007 and it reports each month in the amount of $130.00 I have applied for credit but have been denied through Capital One, Orchard, Hooters and the list goes on. I do have two rather new trade lines.

First Premier 11 months old and Credit One 3 Months Old. (I basically had to pay for those trade lines) I think I have to many inquiries now. My highest Fico score is 681 with out any baddies reporting BUT when I applied for cards that only pulled equifax....still denied. I am confused on how to obatin credit! I have no other items other than a host of credit inquiries and the 2 $200 limit cards. That I use and PIF or leave small balance less than 10% when I ask for a credit increase from First Premier they denied for trade lines to young, derogatories and inquires....HELP how in the world do I obtain credit! Should I pay the baddies? Because I thought I should not as it would not change my score. They are due to fall of in about two years. I thought about PFD for the small $130.00 one but they are both for the same CA so I figured they would not allow to do it that way...I am very confused about credit even after a year on my fico!



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Re: Question about baddies and applying for credit cards

I would send a Debt Validation to the 2 collections on your credit report if i were you... If they can't validate the debt, they have to remove it from your credit report. Google debt validation letter for more info on this process. You'll even be able to get sample letters on line.

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