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Question about new accounts and potential baddies

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Hey all, Ive been lurking here for awhile and decided to make a post to see what you all think. Here are my current accounts: 

Citi Forward: 1k 
Capital one: $500
Old Navy Store Card: $400
Paypal Extras MC: $2k 
Walmart $700 
Bill me Later - $880
Macy's - $300
Dillard's - $300

I was approved for all of these within the span of a week or so except for the Citi forward which I have had since '09, I was operating under the assumption that I had better get some accounts now before my report showed the baddies, but I'm not so sure that will save me now. 

I will have some negative collections put on my credit soon due to some medical bills from when I had a blood clot in my lungs, and I was wondering if any of these cards would possibly close my account due to that negative information?, also I was seriously delinquent on the Citi account but have made a payment plan with them. 

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Re: Question about new accounts and potential baddies

Depending on how many baddies show up on your Report they can do anything from shut down the cards, or just lock you at your current CL for months or longer. GE has been known not to give CLI's if new baddies show up. 



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Re: Question about new accounts and potential baddies

Its about 4-5k in medical bills, and a 120 day late and a 30 day on the citi, Im just hoping they wont close my extras MC.... that would suck bigg time

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Re: Question about new accounts and potential baddies

Not likely to be a problem: medical collections aren't viewed the same by pretty much everyone as other collections.


Medical billing is one of those known issues in today's society.  Check over in the rebuilding forum for strategies on how to deal with these, but suffice to say it's unlikely Citi is going to view those as more significant than the 120 day late you already have on that account, and they didn't close it so...

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Re: Question about new accounts and potential baddies

FWIW i had a few collections report and BofA hit me with a CLD then AF so i had no choice but to close that CC. Banana Republic card cut CL to less than half of what it was before. but this was back in 2009 so they may be less aggressive these days

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Re: Question about new accounts and potential baddies

Could careless about citi, worried about that new paypal extras card

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