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Question on PC

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Question on PC

1. If I do PC from Cap1 Platinum to Quicksilver, will my credit history show one card or will it show as Platinum closed and Quicksilver open?

2. If I do PC, do I still get the introductory reward offers like $100 back for first $500 spent?



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Re: Question on PC

You'll get a new account number with date opened same as ur platinum, ur platinum will be listed as close. And the intro reward is 4 new customer only i think. That's how BOA treats me when i pc, no intro apr no intro reward
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Re: Question on PC

To answer your questions:

1. Your CR's do not designate QS or Plat just your account number, therefore the information will remain the same UNLESS you are going from a Visa to a MC.

2. PCs are not eligible for sign up bonuses but if you are currently in a promotion the PC'd card will retain the same offer.
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Re: Question on PC

@bigbang91... AFAIK, the account number doesn't change when converting from an existing legacy Capital One product to QS. Where did you obtain such data point?

OP - the rewards bonus would not apply in your case since it is only available for new QS applicants.
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