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Quick Question

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If you start building credit with sub-prime cards, and cr history is built upon those cards. Won't it hurt you credit score as you move to prime cards and begin closing those sub-prime cards. Because yor oldest account will be with a sub-prime card you are closing.

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Re: Quick Question

I personally think that dropping a long term card with 300 cl with a new card with 5k limit... the new card after just 3 months would probably fix any small drop you saw in your credit report.
I'm sure more will way in... but that's my feeling.
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Re: Quick Question

you keep the history for 10 years, so getting rid of a card that costs you money isn't a bad thing. check the link in fused (one of te mods) siggy.
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Re: Quick Question

I wouldn't worry about it..

If after 10 years, you still needed those crappy subprime cards to hold your credit score up, you have bigger problems.. By then, you should have well established credit.

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