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Rate-jacked ... dumping the banksters!

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Re: Rate-jacked ... dumping the banksters!

I have PenFed now. Very happy. Platinum Cash Rewards Visa x 2,


When I am ready for something else I might well app Alliant if I haven't managed to weasel my way into NFCU.


Cards from banks are good to hold onto for the CL's, but you really can't rely on the APR's. Banks are too fickle. In Chase's case it is just plain greed. That's why I will never again carry a balance with Chase. After the small balance I have left on a legacy card I have with them is paid or BT'ed away I am done. That account is now closed - my open account is pif. Just because they have such an urgent need to money grab does not mean I need to be involved.

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