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Reasons for denial of prime card?

I have two 180-day lates on a student loan (sallie mae) dated Aug02.  Will these baddies exclude me from a credit card from a major bank (Citi,BoA, etc)?  My util is 5%.  Last time I checked, middle FICO was 680.  since then  a chage off and two other 180-day lates from 2002 fell off.  I assume Im in the 700s at  this point. 
Also, I had a charge off from Capital One which has fallen off my report (finally!).  Will CapOne always 'remember' this charge off even if it's fallen off my CR?  WIll I ever be able to be approved for  a CapOne card again?
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Re: Reasons for denial of prime card?

If they the lates are from that long away BoA probably will not hold it against you.  Check out their prequal website.  If you apply for a card and get declined call their backdoor number.  You can probably explain anything they may see negative on the report. 
As for Citi.....I have two very small medical CAs from 2002.  They will not issue me a card because of them.  There are too many banks out there for me to worry about them.
A lot of people have had luck with CapOne giving them cards again.  Even with BKs.  So as long as they off your CRs, who knows.
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Re: Reasons for denial of prime card?

cap 1 will likely give you a 2nd chance, but they may start you out w/a low limit cc.  treat them right the 2nd time around and you can grow w/them.
do you have any newer baddies?  if not, banks will probably give you a chance assuming your reports/ficos look good, utilization is low, etc.  it may help if you bank w/ba and/or citi
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Re: Reasons for denial of prime card?

Ive had two cc's with Orchard Bank since 2003.  CL started at 300 and have gradually increased to 1000 over the years. 
The only baddies on my CR are the two 180-day lates that are 6 years old (well, aallllmost 6 yrs).
At this point Id like to move to a mainstream card with a higher limit.  Ive read high limits begat higher limits.
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Re: Reasons for denial of prime card?

I'd definitely give BofA a try. If you haven't opted out of credit card offers, try their pre-approval site. It's a soft inq on EQ, although when you app for real, the hard will probably be EX, and possibly TU in addition:

Are You Pre-Approved?

Also, BTW, the "middle score" thing is only an issue with mortgage apps, where they pull all three scores and reports and go with the middle one. CCC's may pull more than one score, but they don't go with the middle one, etc. They're just looking to see if you have something awful on one report that doesn't appear on others. HTH
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