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Rebuilding/Credit Cards


Rebuilding/Credit Cards

So, I got married when I was young 20 years old. At that time my credit was flawless.


My wife whom I got married, was a couple years older than me, needless to say, she is horrible with finances.


What happened was I went from perfect credit/financial situation into a deep black hole, granted I let it happen.


Should have known something was up when she had checking account problems on our first checking account.


Needless to say, she drove me into Chapter 7 in 2000 which was discharged (cosigned several items and credit accounts for her).


Anyways, her habits didn't change and I was forced to file a chapter 13 with her in 2003 which was dismissed about 8 months later. The case was refilled and myself and the attorney explained to her that she has got to be careful, of course this next case was dismissed about the same length of time later, she was hiding the past due notices on things, lying to obtain new credit, writing more bad checks ect ect.


Refilled same case with her additional debts in 2005, made it 1 1/2 years then it got dismissed, at this time I had enough and divorced her. Fired the attorney went prose and got the bk back on track.  Divorce Decree stated she had to pay 50% of payment which I knew and everyone else knew that wouldn't happen, needless to say it kept getting dismissed over and over which I had to keep getting the dismissal vacated and set aside.


Finally after 2 1/2 years of this in July of 2008 I went back to court for the final time, at this time the judge had enough of her and so has the trustee's, they biforcated me into my own case for 2 stinking creditors (IRS and unemployment).


I have a 4 year college degree I am paid almost 100 thousand a year and have been at my job for 6 years. I have since been remarried with someone who is very financially sound/smart and has perfect credit and is stuck helping pay for this mess of the x-wfe.


I have disputed almost everything on my credit and 95% of it was removed because it was the x-wifes. Experian is around 590 Transunion is around 595 and experian 647 plus score. 


To make a long story short, we are trying to get my credit back on track the chapter 13 I'm in will be paid off in 25 months because it cannot be shorter than 36 or I have to pay 100% of the x-wifes unsecured creditors.


My wife put me on her 2 amex cards each has 25k limits as an AU shows up as opened since 2004 which is awesome. She just added me to her Capitol One card.


I applied for secured BoA and CITI was declined because of bankruptcy.


Applied for Orchard, got approved 300CL at 9.90% APR Fixed and 59 Fee.

Applied for HSBC , got approved 320CL at 14% apr and 79 dollar fee.  ( called to get this consolidated into Orchard because of better APR/FEE)

Applied for Capitol One, Denied.

Applied for Hooters, denied.

Applied for NFCU , declined. Applied for 500 Secured NFCU approved.

Applied for Chase, denied.

Applied for CCCU denied.

Applied for Target denied.


My local credit union whom I have been a member for a long time doesn't like BK unless older than 3 years from file.


The wife will help me in anyway she can ( she controls all of our money ), never missed 1 single payment in her life or has ever been 30 days late on anything, very very smart with money.


We aren't quite sure what more to do, everything that's in my reports are student loans who are reporting wrong date opens that I'm trying to fix without getting a new lawyer to sue.


The majority of the dismissed 13's and the chapter 7 will be gone in the next year or so , I will only be left with the 2005 case that I was biforcated out of and the new chapter 13 that I was forced into by the judge who feels so terrible about what has happened.


Anyone else have any ideas to get this credit thing moving again, even if my wife needs to help me?


We bought a new house a year ago in just her name (she has owned several) so i'm not getting any credit, loan officer said soon as I have 620 score i will not have any issues getting into a new house in both of our names.


This all is super embarrasing for me.

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Re: Rebuilding/Credit Cards

Im guessing by the thread that you make a good income, just assuming... If thats the case.... coddle that NFCU relationship like its your own child!!!!  Might want to deposit more money into the secured card every month and get that limit up, then, in 6 months - ask for a reqiew and see if they will unsecure.  Once you get in with them (which isnt all that hard) you are set for any credit needs you might need.  


For now, I wouldnt apply for anything else - let the two credit cards report and let things cool off a bit.  Make sure to keep checking your reports for inaccurate items and dispute if needed.  Get them (EQ) as clean as possible and then when you call NFCU, just explain the situation, show them you can create a good report with them and Im positive they will treat you well.  

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