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Regret a hard pull?

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Re: Regret a hard pull?

My regret is this stupid Firestone Credit card.  It happened before I was paying attention to my credit.  They offered me some discount and for once I said sure.  Got the 1800 credit line and I bitched.  Guy told me that was high for intital limit.  Thats when I realized I had made a mistake.  Fast forward a couple years later, CLIs to 2.4k.  Yeah!! Not..

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Re: Regret a hard pull?

My regrets were US Bank and WF. It was an ugly ordeal with WF since i had a secured credit card with them and applied for the unsecured only to denied and then approved under manual review for only 2k (had a 4k secured card for over a year that didnt graduate and a business/personal banking relationship with them).

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Re: Regret a hard pull?

Can't exactly say its a regret, but I applied for a GAP card about 8 years ago. No idea why really. That was the only time I shopped there in my life and I applied simply because the sales guy recommended it. I didn't know anything about credit back then, and I had my WF for less than 3 months then. Obviously, I was denied due to having no credit history. So I can't really say I regretted it since I had no idea what's going on.
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Re: Regret a hard pull?

Not Quite For A Credit Card, But For DirecTV.! Especially Since I Already Have Them.
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Re: Regret a hard pull?

Haha most of the posters regret applying after they get denied. Now that I think about it...the only GE card I find valuable is the Walmart card. I don't need the financing so I could've done without the Amazon store card and gap store card.

@enharu same here!!! I was offered the gap card by the cashier in August of last year. I ended up talking to the underwriter at the store and getting approved for $400. I didn't even use the card at all. I paid cash for that transaction. I closed my card in June of this year.

My experience with citibank has been poor too. Outright denials, but I didn't know anything about credit before.
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Re: Regret a hard pull?

Regret might be too strong a word, but Barclays Rewards.  I applied for it after searching for cards with discounts on utilities, and this was 2% off utilities.  My first surprise was the CL, ~ $4.5K when my next lowest was $15K.  Then, shortly after, I got the Fidelity Amex, 2% on everything, and then the US Bank Cash Plus, which at the time had 5% off bill pay.

After 6 months they did an auto CLI to just over $7K.   I asked them to make it a World card, they refused, and I closed it.


So I had wasted a HP on a card with a low CL whose rewards were totally subsumed by the Fidelity Amex, and exceeded in some bonus categories by Cash Plus.  But I don't stay awake at night thinking "Oh, if only I had not applied for that Barclay's card"!


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Re: Regret a hard pull?

i dont regret the better balance card as Im using the 0% balance transfer promo to pay off my chevron balance. 


0% is better than 26.99% any day!


i DO regret asking bofa for a CLI on initial approval. they did a hard pull. it seems like thats three strikes on CLI requests over the phone this year for me - macys, wfb, and bofa all hard pulls with denials. wack. :/ 

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Re: Regret a hard pull?

There's a couple of hard pulls I regret... Mostly because I'm an idiot for attempting so many times...


I applied and got declined for Best buy AND Bill me later like 6 times in 1 year (they're just now erasing from my history)


So yeah... Not sure why I kept trying so hard..*****$20,000***********$6,500************$4,100************$3,500***********$2,500************$1,000****
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