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Removed from American Express Black List?


Re: Removed from American Express Black List?

Boom;I owe Amex like 65k

I dont even know if i could pay them back and if is even worth it.

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Re: Removed from American Express Black List?

received  a call from credit analyst and asked some questions on my credit report. He told me to wait for the decision.

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Re: Removed from American Express Black List?

Anything is possible. 29 years ago I had the green card and ended up burning AMEX for $1600. Last year I applied for AMEX card and was declined due to previous account history. I spoke with an account rep and they verified that I owe the amount of $1600 and they would settle for 60%. I requested documentation of account onwership and did not receive anything. 

Forward 2 months later. In July of 2014, I spoke with a Fraud specialist at AMEX and stated that I have no knowledge of this account and requested an investigation. They asked If I had any suspects in mind and I stated I did not because the account was opened in Jan 1985.

Today, I received a letter from the fraud department stating that this account and all information was considered closed and removed from my credit reports. 

This account have never shown up on my credit report that I know of over the last 25 years. I will write to make sure that I have been removed from their blacklist,

I am pretty sure with the letter from their fraud division that I am almost 100% sure I will no longer be on their list and I will try to re-apply in 4-6 months....after some of my inquiries drop off.



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