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Retry Amex?

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Re: Retry Amex?

I may be totally in left field here, but i seem to recall reading somewhere that they dont backdate the optima. I probably should not even bring it up, but the nagging half memory is laying around in my half addled brain so i figure i would throw it out thre. Sorry if i am way off base. Been wrong lots before.
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Re: Retry Amex?

I read they don't back date the optima to the date of the card you had before, but I could be wrong as well. 

Either way, I'm gonna try. Smiley Happy

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Re: Retry Amex?

I really had a slow day at work... Went ahead and did it...


Amex Hilton Honors: 14 Day message. Now sitting at Pending...

Waited a couple hours then Apped Chase...

Approved 4K for Chase Freedom.


No matter the outcome of the Amex, I am officially in the garden for at least 6 months, Hopefully for the next year and a half.


I'll update on the Amex.   Hmmm... Anything else I should app while I'm at it?

Just Kidding! I have enough now. I should be up to 7 Inq now depending on which reports were pulled.

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