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Rewards: Amex or NFCU?

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Rewards: Amex or NFCU?

I have an Amex Green as well as a NFCU Cashrewards. I also run a business and have been putting some of my business expenses on the Amex which typically results in 10-15k in points each month. I'm also starting to put the purchases of one of our suppliers on the Green and that'll be $8k or so per month. Given these two CCs, would it be better to keep on with the purchases on the Green or shift to the NFCU? What would you do? Is there a better card to use (not looking to app myself in a credit straightjacket at the halfway house formerly known as the Concorduser Center).

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Re: Rewards: Amex or NFCU?

Well, I don't have Amex Green ... can you tell me what you can redeem for with Amex Green pts?   Are those items are useful to you?  I will compare which one would benefit you more and charge to one gives you most of it.

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.
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Re: Rewards: Amex or NFCU?

Membership Rewards points are most valuable when transferred into frequent flier programs and redeemed for airline travel.  Particularly for last-minute travel, or premium international travel.  What is NFCU's reward program?  Is it cash back?  If you're not interested in the travel redemption for MR points, you're probably better with cash back.  MR points can be redeemed for gift cards, but it's at a straight 1% rate, and that's only if you redeem for certain merchants, restaurants, etc..  If you want to redeem MR points for Amex general purpose gift cards, the redemption rate sucks.  I think it is .5%. 


At your level of spend, you could redeem your MR points for some pretty nice international business class seats fairly frequently. 

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