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Room Store Credit with HSBC

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Room Store Credit with HSBC

Strange things happenned today. My wife and I applied for their no interest promotion through HSBC. They told us we were declined. I thought this very strange since both of our score are in the mid 700's. They told us we were approved through another company not ofering the free financing, We told them thanks but no thanks. We were about to leave and the manager called HSBC and asked them to reconsider. They told us we were never declined. They gave us a reference number for the approval. Turns out the wrong information came up on the screen. (or so they claim), Seemed a little fishy to me. Be careful when apping in these stores for the no interest financing and make sure you get what you actually want.

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Re: Room Store Credit with HSBC

That sounds fishy, indeed. Let's hope they don't do any other questionable stuff with your personal information in that store. And you will probably see at least two hard pulls for this.
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