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Yeah I also find some of his post a bit odd or fishy. Sorry but true . If his Mother and Sister are having credit complications they should honestly come on here and post about there credit situations. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Smiley Happy JMO
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TrishN wrote:

because i saw this boy keep posted about sister, then father, mother, vv. vv. never stop. If they come here posted DH,DW then they post another start saying brother, sister, father,vv,vv.

who can trust kid under 18 taking care of these debt?

we are mother and father, i dont trust any kid to take care of my debt !. my friend, family are same. They dont trust these kid about it too ! And you guy too !

this boy making trouble for his family now !

Your grammar is too much! I can't tell you how many people ask me for credit advice, including family members. I am currently helping my sister, have helped my mother PC a card, and my father back date his amex. If someone wants to post about helping someone because they want to share the good news, they shouldn't have to put up with your insults. This forum is a safe place to share our journeys, and a lot of people here post about helping people they care about with what they've learned. Isn't that great?? 

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You realize this is almost a 2 year old thread...last post 1-2013

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