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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

Received my Discover it XMas eve, awesome looking card, been used a "few" times already

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

3 Amex cards this month! Well, it was a week before Christmas, but I think it still counts. :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

Chase United MileagePlus Club Visa Siggy.  Just getting back in Chase's good graces made my holiday!  

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

bs6054 wrote:

scenery_guy wrote:

Wait... Santa offers cards as well? Where do I find the online app? ;-)

Do you really want to be an AU on a card with a very elderly gentlement who is only "employed" at most a few weeks a year, and whose business model involves giving away presents to children he determines to be "good" using a list drawn up by himself?

According to Credit Sesame, Santa still has a 775 credit score



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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

Son got  AMEX Gold, 4 months ago he had no credit score,  added him to my 2 CapOne cards, 2 months later he got his own CapOne card pre-selected approved, the following month he got  discover pre-selected, applied  they called him the next day with secuity questions and asked him why he applied,  he said "i'm new to credit and you sent me the  pre-approval so I applied"  approved $750. then early in december he applied Target  got $1400 CL, kind of sucks I have a longer credit history and more income but only got $200 CL they hate INQ's I guess, He Got a pre-selected for AMEX Gold, I told him he should apply in December instead of next year to get the 2012 member date,  approved NPSL 1st year AF waived,  he is probably going to charge a soda on it or something, pay it off and put in the safe deposit box and set a calendar event to check balances monthy for fraud, and then cancel the card before the AF hits, at that point or better yet 3 months later he can re-apply for a Revolver with a nice starting bonus and get a year of back dating goodness. 


Wife got a Sam's Club card $500 CL,  and $40 off on our christmas dinner shopping. Only signed up for it because of the $40, and I was pretty sure she was going to get approval a couple months ago she got the pre-approved message while checking out at sam;s but didn't take advantage of it. 



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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

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Just got approved for Barclay's Reward Points NFL Mastercard Card-$1000 credit limit!! 4 days after my B-Day :-) The New Year is starting to look pretty darn good lol 


Happy Holidays 2 All of You!!

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

Well sort was all a couple days after Christmas, but still counts!


Approved for AMEX BCE, not sure of the limit yet

Approved for Citi ThankYou Preferred, $2,000 CL

Approved for $4200 CLI on my BoA Cash Rewards (still in shock about that one)

Approved for $500 CLI on Chase Freedom

Approved for $700 CLI (no HP) on Citi Forward

Approved for $800 CLI (no HP) on Citi Dividend


I was a busy little bee. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

I was just approved for a CSP for $5K! The sign up bonus was enticing! Can't wait for the metal card to arrive! :smileylol:

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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

12/26 Citi Thankyou preferred $2000.00

12/27 Chase Freedom $2000.00 (Shocked as I burned them 5 years ago thought I was blacklisted)

EQ MyFico: 679 4/19/2014
EX Fico: 687 4/10/2014
Discover Fico: 694 5/4/2014
Walmart Fico: 662 4/5/2014
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Re: Santa bring anyone a new CC this year?

got approved last nite BofA Visa Signature $5K...I used the prequalifier before applying...does anyone know how often I can req CLI?

Last App Oct 2013...applied and received Amex PRG and Blue Sky!
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