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What scores do you have to have for a sears card. I applied and got denied. My score was 683 fico from equifax. They pulled equifax because i got a alert from them. I think it mighthave  been because my balances was high from christmas. My utili is like 23 percent. Or it might because i just got a citi back card home depot 3 mths ago. Also are they inquire sensitive because i do have 4 inquires on report. One from the home depot and the other 3 from car dealerships on the same day. What do anybody think?. Just going wait until they send the letter stating why they denied me.
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Re: Sears

You would think a place like Sears would love someone to actually consider shopping there.  Strange.

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Re: Sears

Yes, you would think Im not too upset because i only shop for exercise equipment and appliances from them. I was just trying to get the 6 mths no interest even though i had the cash for it, But i was just wondering what they're standard was in regards to the card.
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Re: Sears

Citi does not like INQ's.
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Re: Sears

I don't know what FICO and other credit aspects they are looking exactly for, but I heard that the Sears store card is one of the hardest to get, for whatever reason.

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