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Shopping Cart Trick - Express

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Re: Shopping Cart Trick - Express


Starting Score: Her - 558 Him - 621
Current Score: Her - 647 Him - 627
Goal Score: Her - 675 Him - 650

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Re: Shopping Cart Trick - Express

Congrats on limit! If i was you i would try for the VS card also. Im a guy so i dont shop there or at BBW but i let my wife use it. and i was pre-approved for $750CL. Would help with your revolving util.

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Re: Shopping Cart Trick - Express

Congrats.  I was not aware of this trick. I just did this with Express for my husband and it worked he was preapproved.  Tried JCrew and I got the preapproval offer but after entering the last 4 of the ss# and continue nothing else came up it just took me back to the shopping screen...called the contact number but the rep had not record so I guess we will hold off on that one for now.  I'm tempted to apply myself but I'm gardening and plus I have a freeze on my report

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