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Should I app for Nordstroms?

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Should I app for Nordstroms?

So I'm getting married in August and want to buy a wedding suit. The only recent report I have is TU. My score is 705 with 2 inqs, 4 new accounts in the past year, zero derogs, and 70% utl. I realize that is incredibly high but I will not be able to get it under 50% for quite some time.


Do you think Nordstroms will reject me? If so, what cc should I app for that would give me a $1500 CL? Discover More? I need a wedding suit!

Transunion: 713 FICO (5/13/2014) MyFico
Experian: 789 FICO (4/10/12) Lender Pull
Equifax: 695 FICO (1/10/14) MyFico

My cards: Chase United Mileage Plus 7000CL (3/12), CITI Simplicity 1800CL (9/12), Cap1 Platinum 1000CL (2/10), Cap1 Cash back 1500CL (11/11), Apple Barclay's 2500CL (11/11), Discover IT 6000CL (5/13)

My Primary Financial Goal is to put down my utl%.

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Re: Should I app for Nordstroms?

Nordstrom 99% of the time pulls EQ. I would say a cc but your util is extremely high. Have you requested CLI's?
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Re: Should I app for Nordstroms?

I got a $2000 instant approval back in late 2011 with mid 600s FICO. Haven't used the card for anything as they offer no financing promos and really crappy rewards. Spent $6k+ there over the last 2 years, all on my Amex.

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Re: Should I app for Nordstroms?

+1 with lexie. Whe I applied, they pulled EQ and I'm in Boston.


FICO EQ from here was I believe 665 back then with a 4% total util. I got a $1K CL and it still sits there.

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Re: Should I app for Nordstroms?

mAndrew1980 wrote:

I need a wedding suit!

Assuming that you only intend to get married once; is renting the formal wear a possible option?

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Re: Should I app for Nordstroms?

I don't think you would be approved for Nordstrom or really anything with that util. My wife had great scores, around 15% util and only got $500 from Nordstrom.

I would focus paying down debt.
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