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Should I opt back in?

A while ago---perhaps a year ago I opted out of the 'pre-screened' offers from the credit bureaus. However, I wondering if I should opt back in? I opted out because I thought these pre-screens would hurt my credit rating. I used to get so many of them and so many offers in the mail. Since I opted out I haven't received a single offer. That's a good thing but now I'm wanting a new card for myself (in my name only again..I have a joint with DH). I'd like to see what offers I get if I opt back in? Is opting in a good choice? TIA!
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Re: Should I opt back in?

Sure. You could opt back in if you want. It wouldn't hurt. Plus, you might get an excellent offer.
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Re: Should I opt back in?

Thanks! I just opted back in. I just want to see what type of offers I will receive. Then I can always opt back out after receiving a good offer.
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Re: Should I opt back in?

I was thinking of doing this too! How do you opt back in?

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Re: Should I opt back in?


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Re: Should I opt back in?

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ncks wrote:




Or follow this link Opt Out Credit Reports.



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