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Small CLI's - No HP!

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Small CLI's - No HP!

Finally got small (No HP) CLI's from Citi on 2 cards today:


Citi DIamond Pref (opened 6/12) went from 5k to 6.8k(asked for 5k increase, they countered with 1.8k)

Citi Dividend (opened 3/12) went from 4.8k to 5.8k (asked for 2.5k increase, they countered with 1k)


For both increases, I filled out the form which states you are authorizing Citi to pull credit. After I clicked ok, the counter offer appeared with the statement that my credit report was not pulled, and i can either accept ot request more of an increase with a HP. I took what they offered, not need for any HP'sSmiley Happy  They declined me for CLI's at 6 mos, for having too many new accounts (guilty as charged).


Also got a Auto CLI from Cabela's Visa this week - noticed I went from 4k to 6.5k! I haven't used this card much, just keep it active with small charges off and on. 


Maybe AMEX will finally approve me for a 3x CLI this month (keep getting denied, because I can't stay away from the app button). Gotta wait for 7/21 (90 days since last denial).










CC's: AMEX (4), Alliant Visa, PenFed AMEX, Pen Fed Promise, Citi (3), Chase (5), US Bank Cash+, Huntington Voice, UMB Visa, Nasa Plat Cash Visa, Barclay's Visa, Discover IT, Cap One QS, BOA (2), BMW Visa, 5/3 Real Life Rewards MC; FNBO Amex; Comenity Visa/MC (4), Ebates Visa Siggy, Nordstrom Visa, Walmart MC, Sam's Club MC; A few assorted store cards.

Current Scores (09/2017): EQ My Fico: 801; TU MyFico: 799; EX (My Fico): 797
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Re: Small CLI's - No HP!

Congrats on the CLI's and good luck with AMEX in a few days!!

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Re: Small CLI's - No HP!

Sweet!  Good luck with AMEX.

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Re: Small CLI's - No HP!

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