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Spirit Airlines Mastercard Issued by FIA

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Re: Spirit Airlines Mastercard Issued by FIA

I have experience with this card. I've been an AU since we opened it in 2011. My niece and I share it. I don't remember her FICO at the time but it was prob high 600's low 700's. She moved to FL from IN, where we're from, and we started with $3k CL. I used it heavy in the beginning to fly there and for purchases, made payments for a few months, then PIF. She did the same thing. Between the 2 of us, we racked up a ton of points. The card sat at 0 balance for over a year, and I just did a CLI through the website, SP, and got bumped to $10k.


I've flown to spend time with her a couple of times now, for $10 RT from Chicago to FL. Best part is that a RT ticket on non peak times is often only 5000 points and $10. The only sucky part is the baggage fees, but for $10 RT, I don't care. LOL We still have prob 30-40k points left.

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Re: Spirit Airlines Mastercard Issued by FIA

Was just instantly approved last week for 6k and was sent an EX FICO of 711.


Looking forward to flying with them from here in Florida.

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