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State Farm and requirements?

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State Farm and requirements?

I'm asking this question based on another post right now that I was reading to be approved for State Farm with 549 credit score (congrats on that btw)

So my question is are they BK friendly?

better chance if your a customer?

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Re: State Farm and requirements?

I was denied in December with a 700 FICO and a 4.5 yr old BK.  BK was cited as the reason for denial. 


I'm a customer as well. 

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Re: State Farm and requirements?

Keep in mind that anytime one ask for a CLI with them its a hard pull.  I fired them last month!!

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Re: State Farm and requirements?

I read that too.....but the hard pull kinda sucks!  Try Bank of America Secured. They will unsecure after a year with good CLI! Id rather have a hard pull from BOA than state farm. Especially for only 500.00$. Good luck

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Re: State Farm and requirements?

I don't know if you have to have State Farm insurance or how it affects you, but when I got my State Farm credit card with a 549 score they did ask for my agent, so I imagen it does have some kind of impact if you do use them.

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