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Stategic Default, Settlement or BK? Please help me

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Re: Stategic Default, Settlement or BK? Please help me

And you want to buy a house  in 4 years?


I don't quite get it.  You have good score and are paying everyone

and you have extra cash.  I guess I missed something.???????


I did BK and it finally fell off after a very long 10 years.  Terrible



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Re: Stategic Default, Settlement or BK? Please help me

I know it’s a long thread but through out my sob story I indicated how dear wife isnt going to pay what I was awarded in court after very short marriage.  Im just concentrating on the 40K responsibility and see there is help out there that would be far better than shouldering this entire burdon on my own for 4yrs… only to end up broke with a great score.  I mentioned how I have learned how money speaks louder to than great scores to lenders for a 1st home.  10K was borrowed from fam at low interest rate in hopes I could negotiate to bring down the debt with it. 


I still feel lost but think im on the right track for me.


From what I have learned I think lawyers and DMP services aren’t for me.


I should offer to pay off the 8K card in full now…to motivate BofA to hopefully work with me take some $ off the 32K card.


If BofA continues to not budge, I think I should continue to try negotiating while sitting for 180 days till CO.


?  I would love to hear any predictions projections based on my picture Smiley Wink

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