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Statement Cut off date

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Re: Statement Cut off date

1Health wrote:
Okay umm yeah kinda got it. Basically I'm trying to determine If I PIF every month no matter what so that means on the 5th (my due date) I pay my balance of $30 and statement closes on 9th will the C1 report 30$ used out of 1,000 cl which makes it 3% utilization or will they report 0% utilization. And if zero how do I get my account to report utilization. Trying to build my credit!! And I read need 3-9% UTI..
This is basically why I'm asking this question.

It depends.  If you have $30 from your last bill and you pay that $30 AND you have not used the card for anything else, then you will have a $0 balance.  In that scenario, you would have to use the card again between paying the $30, and before the next bill closed.  But if you have used the card for anything else since your statement closed, then those charges will report. 


I'm not sure how else to explain it.  Your August due date is associated with your July statement.  You could have been using your card all through the latter half of July and in the first week of August, so paying your July bill in full does not mean you will have a $0 balane UNLESS you have not been using your card since the bill came out.

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