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Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

I've used my Kay's only twice both times paid in full within in three months versus the twelve.  Of late, I keep getting calls from the store were I've purchased my daughter's wedding band set and my personal set... anybody else get his quarterly?


Just curious... I've only got at maxmium $4,000.00 CL available to use and haven't used in two years.



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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

What are the calls about?

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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

I havent gotten any calls from them, not a bad thing either!!

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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

im sure they are sales calls wanting you to come in and buy something. I fought with them and closed the accounts. speaking of that I need to call them and make sure they are closed...


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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

Have you ever tried to get a CLI? I havent in person, but on the phone or online, they tell me I have to go in the store.

I had 5000 w kays and i thought i was slick and applied to jareds to get another 5000. turned out just splitting the 5000 and screwed myself

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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

I've had my Kay's CC for about four years & only used it twice. I've never gotten a call from that ever... I wonder if they're just informing you about their sales ?


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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

I have had a Jared card for many years. I have used in quite a bit and even gotten a very nice auto-CLI. I have never received a call from Sterling Credit or the stores where I use the card, unless it is to tell me that an item is ready for pick-up.

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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

Never had a call either it must be the idea of the store manager to call people, just call them up the store ask to speak to someone in charge and say you do not want them calling

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Re: Sterling Credit (i.e. Jared's, Kay's, et al.)

We used to get those calls...and politely asked them to stop calling...they did.  :smileyhappy:


they're just trying to get you back into the store...

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