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Talk me off the ledge.

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Talk me off the ledge.

The itch is here, I really want to app for the Barclays Reward Mastercard, the 2% back variety. I just got the NFL (Giants) extra points card last month ($500 limit/reported a $19 balance for Jan statement).

I also have a secured card with Cap One ($300 CL) opened 10/11, this card has been reporting $0 for the last 3 months. Finally, I have a Cap One Cash Rewards with a $2500 CL that was opened in 6/12, this card has a $300 balance for the month of Jan which was PIF like all of my balances.

My scores range from 664-685, I do have 7+ inquries and a BK from 8/11. There are no other derogs, just the BK as its from a car I foolishly co-signed on in 2003, I had a judgement against me for that car worth $25k, the judgement fell off and wasnt renewed since I had to file BK, so its pretty awkward explaining why I have a recent BK when there are no judgments, collections, etc on my report that caused the BK.

Whew, thoughts?
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Re: Talk me off the ledge.

Dude.  Get off the ledge.


If Barclays approved you for $500 on the NFL Card (Giants fan??) you were borderline for approval.  Barclays in inquiry sensitive.  If you were borderline then, the new inquiry will probably push you over into "declined" territory.  Don't waste the inquiry.

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Re: Talk me off the ledge.

Thank you, I figured as much.
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