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Target first ever CLI.....

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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

Congrats! I had to do some shopping there last week, and I thought I'd have an offer on my receipt. Silly me. Smiley Tongue
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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

sidewinder wrote:

llecs wrote:
Smiley Mad I'm not jealous.....I'm not jealous!!!
Congrats! What type of spending and paying habits did you have?
I got mine in Nov, I think. Still at $200. Used it maybe 4-5 times and PIF'd in all but 1 month. I'm letting it stew at $0 for now.

I got in May, spent a little over $100. PIF June.
Charged nearly max, paid min payment in July on due date, PIF a week later. 
Charged up to max, made min payment Aug on due date, logged in last night to PIF and saw the increase.
BTW.......not been in a Target store since I got it. Closest one is about 100 miles.
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Same for DW. She got hers before me and at her first purchase, she tried to spend $210 of the $200 CL. She was denied of course and returned some items to complete the purchase under $200. Within that week, she checked online and her CL went from $200 to $500. Edit to add....this CLI came at her first month of having the card.

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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

I will have had the red card for year in a 2 weeks. I have gotten the 10% (for spending 1K) and well on my way to another 10%. Still no CLI and that 10% is only valid for that red card. so you spend 1K and get 10% on a 200 CL which ends up being a 2% discount. I have called them twice and each time I get the usual "we are not given CLI on red cards at this time". no lates, PIF almost every month (sometimes twice in a month) if I carry a balance never more than $100. I am hoping at the one year mark they do something, otherwise to the sock drawer it goes..
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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

What did you do to get the increase--how'd you use the card?  I've been using my account since Feb '08 and I'm still at a measly $200! Smiley Mad
ETA: saw your answer.  Interesting....

sidewinder wrote:
I am new to the world of credit my Target card in May.......logged in tonight to check something on my account and it says:
Credit Limit: $500.00
WOW......$300 CLI........

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I'm in the 700 club now! Smiley Happy
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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

I had Target for almost two years before CLI. I received it on Christmas one year. Nearly maxed it out, and PIF by the end of the month.
The next time was the next Christmas and did the same thing. Then I started to visit Target regularly and using the card extensively and paying in full. I jumped from the $200 CL on a red card, straight to the Visa with $1000 CL. I used about $800 for the next Christmas and PIF. I used it as my everyday card after that (putting gas, groceries and entertainment) and PIF every month. After about three months, they upped the CL to $2000, that was about 4 months ago. My TU score was 680 about the time. I had not pulled any other CR at that time.
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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

Oh, Target. Seems to me that they like to extend CLIs to those who either carry high balances, or those who charge a large amount and then PIF. Not much love for those who try to do the right thing by keeping their balances low. I've had two CLIs just like everyone else here. Started at $200, jumped to $500, and then $1,000 (plus Visa). Though at the time of the CLIs I was also carrying high balances.
Whats everyone's APR on our red cards? Mine is in-freaking-sane.

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Re: Target first ever CLI.....

I got the Red Card in May with a $200 limit. Charged about 65 dollars made a small payment and then let the statement cut with a $50 balance and paid in full.

In June, I didn't do anything.

After my July statement cut, I bought a couple Blu-Rays when they were 3/$40 and a couple other things for a total of $76.72. My August statement cut a couple days ago with the same balance.

At the bottom of the statement it said...

Due to the excellent manner in which you have handled your Account, we have increased your credit limit, effective immediately. You are a valued cardholder, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

$300 increase. From what I read here, some people have received the $300 increase after a couple months. I'm hoping this will turn into a Visa within a year. Although I also read some people get the $300 increase and then nothing after that. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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