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Target Red

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Re: Target Red

I got approved a year and a half ago with a 520+ score(EX), and 2 CO. The only card I could get after deciding to fix my credit.
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Re: Target Red

Breakthecycle2 wrote:

niecey89 wrote:
I believe it is TU, i live in NJ. It has not hit my report yet. I was approved last week for a store card online. ($200)

What was your score when they pulled it if I may ask? Any collections, degrogs?

If you look at my signature you will see my scores.

2 collections that were paid in full in 2004 and only other on my credit is Sallie Mae. Judgment paid off last year (in satisfied status). Otherwise my nine credit cards and car loan is in good standing (no lates and pay on time)

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FICO Scores 7/15/2008: EQ 600, TU 546, EX 490
9/17/08 - TU 571,12/17/08 649,3/16/09 638, 6/14 642
ScoreWatch 12/17/08 EQ 646, 1/2/ 09 664, 2/2/09 684,2/12/09 673, 2/16/09 688, 2/27 674,3/3 682,4/16 685, 6/28 679
1/2/09 EX 668 2/13/09 669
AS of NOV08 I am Credit card debit free. I AM A MYFICO.COM ADDICTED Smiley Happy ~
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