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Target Store Credit Card?

Thinking about applying for a Target Store credti card since I just moved very close to one and they offer 5% off your purchases whenever you use the card, seems pretty good. Are they hard to get or basically anyone can get it?

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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

Hmm, I saw that they offer a Target Debit Card to that's linked to your checking account, and you still get the 5% off? That actually seems better to me than the Credit Card.

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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

I have the debit card - very useful. I can't comment on the credit card version, but I don't see a big advantage.

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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

They are notorious for only giving out toy limits on their credit card, like $200~ so if you plan to purchase more expensive items it may not help.
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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

Like the previous poster said, no point in getting the target card. their low liits of 2-300$ makes no sense and trying to get a credit limit increase is almost like signing a contract with the grim reaper. You are better off with the debit card, you get the same advantages of 5% back and dont have to worry about the interest rate cause the money comes out of your checking account

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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

I have the Target card with a decent CL of $7500 but I have had the card for 9 years. I prefer the CC because it helps with cash flow because you don't have to pay your bill till a month later. As with a debit card, when you swipe the card, you lose the funds out of your account then and there. If you have an interest bearing account then this can add up.

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Re: Target Store Credit Card?

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Just get the Target debit card, you get the same benefits as the credit card (5% off, free shipping, extra 30 days for returns). The credit card will likely give you a laughable starting limit and stay there forever.


I have both and I use the Debit Card 98% of the time.

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