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Target and TD Bank...

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

This is one card I don't even have a desire to get.  Yeah it has the rewards for shopping at Target, but I actually now boycott this store.  I used to have a great impression of them, but over Christmas I had an issue with them selling me something online to only find out that they did not have it and wouldn't have it for a month and then never have it.  I simply asked for what I was due in that situation and kept repeatedly getting the runaround from them.  They were nice enough to give me gift card for my troubles, but every time I get a gift card for my troubles which shouldn't have happened in the first place, I give it away. Places like the Girl Scouts love things like that.  Even if they don't use it to purchase something, they use it as a lottery item or other such thing. (I don't think they believe me when I tell them that, but I don't care if they believe me anyway, I know I don't the cards.)


Knowing of their toy limits keeps me from getting into a hassle of even applying for a card with them.  Yeah it is fairly easy to pay cards online these days, but do we really need to get online 4 times a month to do so, this is where it becomes a real hassle.  I used to have that hassle with Capital One, so I wouldn't want to go through it again for an extended period of time.  Imagine having a Target Card and a Capital One Card for 2, 3, 5, or more years stuck at a low limit.  It might cause you to go into depression if you didn't know it was really their fault not yours.  Hopefully TD will be a bit different and prove that to consumers in the future and then maybe I would get the card for the savings the very times I do shop there now.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

My Target redcard is stuck at $1000 after a CLI from $200 about three years ago.  I use it about once a month and PIF.  I live in a state without tax on clothes, food, and other essentials, so I actually get some value from the 5% discount.  I also shop online a lot, so the free shipping from also makes the card worthwhile.  It's not the greatest retail card in the world, but it's better than many of them out there.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I shop in NH with no sales tax so I get the full 5% benefits. the sales tax in MA is 6.25%

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

Mine was at $300 when I had it.
Even $500 of a cl would have convinced me to keep it!

Really, you can't even use a low limit card like that without effing up your util! Lol
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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I was also hoping that TD Bank would offer some increases once they obtained the accounts.  I've had my card for 5 years.  It started at $200 and a month later they raised it to $500 where it has been ever since.  If it wasn't for the 5% savings, I probably wouldn't even use it.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

Argh. I actually called them an inquired about a CLI. The rep on the phone says they never take customer requests for increases....they use some kind of program periodically to grant auto CLIs. I told them the $200 I have been stuck with is impractical. I PIF 2 days after each shopping trip because it just isnt enough. I was basically told tough cookies....go pound sand.
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Re: Target and TD Bank...

Reading this thread reminds me so much of when I had a Target card. I called several times requesting a CLI within the 2 years I had it and got the same stale response about not performing customer initiated requests. I do not expect TD bank to be any different than Target Bank in managing these cards because they have no reason to. Most of Target's customers are perfectly content with a $200 limit (or else more people would have canceled the card by now). TD bank is quite stingy and I doubt they will change that for their Target card portfolio.

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

Came home today to a letter in the mail that said Target/TD increased my limit from $300 to $500 lol.  I started with $200 last Sept, they up'd it to $300 around Dec, and then this.  I think I have a couple cards over the 90% mark, so who knows, maybe if that wasn't the case, they would have given me more.  

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I used mine the day i got it at the store to buy a few shirts lol it was a number on a paper receipt.. 58 bux paid it back in 2 days and never used again. 300 limit ughhhh.. Once again Walmart wins! GE rox

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Re: Target and TD Bank...

I've actually have had a positive experience so far. 


My original limit was 350 back in September. Then, in January, they upped it to 700. Now, they have upped it again to 1000.

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