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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

Sad, but that is the exact reason why I got the Target Debit card instead.

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

I've gotten 2 credit line increases- started at 200 in December 2012, up to 400 when TD took over then 600$ limit in September. Hoping for 1000$ and the Visa card next:smileyhappy:
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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit


Target Red is one of the worst ways to waste a HP.   It seldom gives a decent limit and almost never gives a CLI and even then, 90% of the time only up to 500 and on very rare occasion, 1000.


A friend has 2 (why I have no idea).  Has had the first one for over 6 years, never a CLI. 


Every time I shop there and the cashier asks me if I'd like to apply I nearly burst out laughing.   I simply tell them I don't shop there enough to warrant taking the 5 minutes to apply.

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

I can confirm about usage.  I just recently got a CLI from $500 to $1000 after having the card just over 5 months.  I don't spend that much....maybe $25-75/mo but do use it regularly.

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

I've gotten 3 CLIs in a year(started at $300 now at $1000). I frequent for small things like soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent since there's a Target pretty close to where I live. 

On the other hand, my roommate has a Target card for close to six years and his limit is only $350. 

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

Buying something every single day would certainly be an interesting experiment. I live too far away to try anything like that.
Maybe order off the Internet every day? That'd be interesting!

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

I got my Target card in June and just got a cli from $500 to $700.  I've only used it 3 times altogether.

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

From what I understand there are really only two nice things about the Red Card.  No shipping from online purchases and 5% discount.  I actually boycotted Target for the last year because of issues I had purchasing online.  I am certain they lost more profit than what I requested of them from their problems.  I actually really like Target stuff, but once you leave the store or shop online, there seems to be where the problems are.  I have read many a people who don't get anything from the credit card in aspects of CLIs.  I just got their card a short time ago because of the upcoming Black Friday sales.  I should probably prepay $1000 just to be able to have a conversation with them when my card gets declined for reaching my $500 limit!  At least Macy's gave me $800 and I would almost bet that limit will get increased at a much faster pace than their Red Card.

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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

I opened my account in Nov 2012 with a 200 credit limit, used the card for the first time in July and have been carrying a  balance.

Early October...CLI to 700.00

Just saw today ....CLI to 1200.00.


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Re: Target won't raise my credit Limit

My DW opened up a red card a couple of weeks ago her CL is $3000 she said the women at the counter said "wow you must have good credit" I guess I know why she said that to her after hearing the limits they like to give.

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