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Testing Chase waters again...

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Re: Testing Chase waters again...M

Leadberry wrote:

sailor_mercury wrote:

Burned2manybridgesB4 wrote:

I'm rehashing one of my old threads.

I just submitted another application for the card.

I received the 30 day notice on the web app, and when I called the app status line I was given a 7 to 10 days notice, with a commentary that the app is currently under review. Let's see how long this blacklist will go....   

Sorry to hear about the blacklist with Chase Smiley Sad


Best of luck on the new app!  Banks can and should chose their own risk profiles.  But I don't think it's right that they continue to blacklist after over a decade.  The intent of a a BK is to have a fresh start.  I can understand shorter term blacklists, or a permanant blacklist if they were burned more than once.  Even Chase makes mistakes.  I'm sure every taxpayer here remembers TARP (which they did pay back).


I left Chase a few years ago and switched to a CU.  Only recently did I add a couple of cards. 


I'm SURE you are much better off without them. 

Why not?

Reasons listed above.  I don't think people are entitled to credit or credit at a certain level.  It's two entities entering into a contract where one is agreeing to lend the other one money.  The lender has the right to refuse anyone or offer them any terms they want and the borrower can elect not to accept to terms, not borrow money and find other lenders.


But 13 years over a sub 10k BK (it was 4k or 7k, I forget what the OP said)?  Come on Chase, forgive and move on.

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Re: Testing Chase waters again...M

I took them down in a BK in 2009, they approved a $5000 Slate card for me in December of 2012. I just paid off the inital balance transfer and a bunch of other CC balances. Once the updates all go to the CRs, I plan to apply / PC to the Freedom card. 

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