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Thank you guys/gals! Got my credit back and need to stop

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Thank you guys/gals! Got my credit back and need to stop

I just recently reached the 7 year mark 2 months ago on all the CRA reporting negative info to my credit reports and when all the negatives came off I decide to check my fico scores.  All were well above the 730 mark but I could not get my Experian fico score but I figured it should be close to what my Equifax and Transunion scores are.  I think being an authorized user on 7 of my wife's credit accounts did help with that though.  I do have some TL from 2 credit cards from over 10 years ago that I still carry but want new ones and never applied for any until recently.  I have a barclays Visa card and a Macy's charge card for over 10 years so I deceided after all negatives dropped from my report I want the good cards so this is what I decided to app for.



Barclays Visa - 12,600 CL - opened on June 2000

Macy's Red Card - 5,200 CL - opened on January 1999



Key Bank World Mastercard - 8,000 CL - opened on October 2011

AMEX Blue Cash Everday - 6,000 CL - opened on October 2011

Citi Simplicity Mastercard - 6,000 CL - opened on October 2011

Citi Thank You Preferred Mastercard - 5,000 CL - opened on October 2011

Walmart Discover Card - 3,200 CL - opened on November 2011

Sam's Club Discover Card - 3,000 CL - opened on November 2011

Dillard's Amex Card - 1,200 CL - opened on November 2011

AMEX True Earnings Business Card - 7,000 CL - opened on December 2011


I wanted to app for a Citi business card too but they told me I had to wait 60 days to do so since I did not do it at the same time as my personal applications.  Had to recon with Citi for the Thank You card after my Simplicity card was approved, but it was not a problem.  Did all the GE cards on the same day and instant on all of them plus I shop all those stores that GE backs, but GE cards are difinitley PIF cards cause no way am I paying 22% interest.  Amex  Blue was instant online and the Amex True Earnings business card was instant at costco.  I have one of my checking accounts with Key Bank and applied at the branch when I went to deposit my check and was not instantly approved but received the card 2 weeks later with my credit limit and score from Experian.  I'm gonna start to garden for a while but I still plan on applying for a Citi business card sometime in January cause I am a business owner, but that will be it for me.  Will be asking most of them for a CLI in 6 months time.  Just wanted to let people know how negative info can affect you and how much it can help when you don't have any negative marks.  I'm so glad I have no more negative marks on any of my credit reports and I plan on being more resposible from here on out.    By the way those negative marks were 2 judgments on all 3 credit reports from September of 2004 when my finances where in shambles.  I just left them and never disputed them cause they where mine and I figured I'd have to pay for them for 7 years and I did.  I would like to see if I can get in the 800+ fico score club in a year or two when all my tradelines report my use and on time payments.  Thank you  to myfico community for all the insight into the credit game.  Without you guys I would have probably tried to push my luck and waisted inquiries for nothing on my credit reports.  Sorry for the long post and thank you myfico community.  You guys/gals are the bestSmiley Wink

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Re: Thank you guys/gals! Got my credit back and need to stop

Congratulations!! Time to garden, most definitely...

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Re: Thank you guys/gals! Got my credit back and need to stop

Congratulations! Nice approvals!


And speaking of approvals... consider this to be notice that you have a pre-approval for membership in the Garden Club! Smiley Happy

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Re: Thank you guys/gals! Got my credit back and need to stop

That's quite a successful app spree.  Congrats!!  I'm wondering what score drop you suffered with all those new accounts reporting, and the decrease of your AAOA.  But, you have a nice portfolio now, just garden with what you have, let the inquiries age off, and watch your score go up very nicely.

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