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Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

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Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

4 days ago I applied for a Kay Jewelers account got a letter in the mail that said I was declined because they could not verify my address or phone number! Went to the store today verified my info and was approved ! for $400 Cl not a lot ! but it's a start for me! Thanks everybody in this forum!!!!!


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Re: Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

Congrats on the approval! From what I understand it will grow if you treat it right.


BTW: Where did you get your Experian score from?

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Re: Thanks ! everybody APPROVED! 

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Re: Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

Experian only has fako scores available to the public.


You would need to be a part of a certain cu to see your real experian fico, or get it from a lender that pulled your credit

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Re: Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

CONGRATS!!!  Smiley Wink  I plan on applying for Kay as well.  I am just so nervous to apply for anything... anyway, enough about me.... CONGRATS!!!!

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Re: Thanks ! everybody APPROVED!

hahaha I was scared as well but definitely worth the try. Then my fako is 604. LOL

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