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The 35K Club

Who out there has one credit card with a $35,000 line of credit or more? Please name the card and the amount. If you can, tell how long have you had the card. (Amex charge cars don't count)

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Re: The 35K Club

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Re: The 35K Club

Not in the club yet, but really hoping I might get there with my next Amex 3X CLI. We'll see where they counter me, because I seriously don't expect any issuer to offer me a card with a CL that exceeds half of my annual income. I'm thinking I will get over $25K, but $35K might be pushing it. I will update this thread for the bump if that ever happens.
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Re: The 35K Club

My BB store card has $33,100 CL. Not quite $35K.  It is almost there. :smileyhappy:




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Re: The 35K Club

Navy Federal Flagship Rewards with a CL of $55k. I've had it for about 2.5 weeks.

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Re: The 35K Club

American Express blue cash preferred 42k CL.
Got it a about month ago via global transfer program. They did ask for tax docs and I opted for them to consider me based on my overseas tax docs which they already had on file.

Had my Singapore American Express for about 2-3 years, been ACM since 2003.
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Re: The 35K Club

i wish .. my chase sp is 29.2k 


maybe ill join after my 3xcli with amex

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Re: The 35K Club

My partner had $35k on Navy Cash Sigi but split $5k off to open the Flagship.

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Re: The 35K Club

With Chase or Amex (and probably others) it's not too hard to get a single card with a high limit by moving CLs around.  So I have $45K on two chase cards, which I have split $32K, and $13K,  but, if I really wanted to join the $35K club (and that is a strange number) I could change to $40K and $5K say,

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Re: The 35K Club

onthemove wrote:

Who out there has one credit card with a $35,000 line of credit or more? Please name the card and the amount. If you can, tell how long have you had the card. (Amex charge cars don't count)

Original Blue Cash----->BCP------->BCE

Opened 06' w/initial CL 9K

Current CL 35K, all auto CLI from AmEx:smileywink:


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