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The Beaver survived a year.

Yes, I'm one of few that survived the closures. Non comforming to their current T&C's one hundred percent.


Just got my cashback reward, as a statement credit of course. Now I can SD this card, as they have nothing more to offer me since CSP killed them on CL by $200...:smileyvery-happy:


Who of the Ducks, and Beavers is left, as far as non residents?????

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

Congrats!!!! WTG!!! 

  I will reach my 1 year mark on my Beaver Visa card  in October of this year.:smileylol:



Are you going to ask for a CLI since you have reached 1 year with your Beaver Visa??

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

I live in MD, I opened mine in 10/2013 and it is still alive. I used it right away to transfer a balance to for the duration of the 0% interest. I paid off that balance and then have only used it on small purchases every 2 months or so to keep it active. 

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

My duck card will be 1 year in October . Afraid to call and ask for a CLI . Don't want to poke the bear!
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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

I'm in Texas and my duck is still quacking at $20k. He turns 1 in a couple of months.
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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

Opened mine in December 2013, and it's still open.


They gave me a whopping $500 CL, so I bought something on it for like $400 and have just been making minimum payments so I have regular usage.

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

Although mine is still "open" according to the online log in and my credit reports I have been unable to use it for about 10 months. Many calls went to OCCU where they would open a case and "get back to me" only to have them never get back to me and lose records. Bottom line, while "open" I cant use it.

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

My partners is still open but they did decline the CLI and the rate is really high, it hasn't been used in probably 8+ months and think it's about to be 1 year also.

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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

Don't even get me started on the duck and beaver! :manmad:


Odd thing is...I never apped for it, just randomly showed up one day in my mailbox. 


Then they lied their %$$#'es off and told people their accounts were suspended due to fraud. 


I surprised they didn't get sued over that. They could of been honest and told people they changed residency requirements, not lie and say it was due to fraud. 


They told me my card would be restored in 24 hours, they said that for over 1.5 weeks before finally closing it.


Oh well. it was fun while it lasted.


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Re: The Beaver survived a year.

Why did they start closing everyones accounts? Because i remember when these cards were the big thing. I dont live near anywhere where these cards are offered but im curious to know why the closings were happening. :smileyembarrassed:

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