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The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

To OP. I too have a Lowes card. I applied at the store. They originally approved me for $3,000 also. I was buying a new washer and dryer that cost about $3,000 after the 10% off for applying for store credit, and another 10% off for being military, and another 10% because it was around Thanksgiving. I complained to store clerk that $3,000 was too low and would appear as a maxed out credit line on my credit report. The clerk called a number and asked me what I wanted the number to be... And 1 minutes later, I had an $8,000 Lowes card. I didn't even provide any proof of income.

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Current Score: TU 749 02/02/2014
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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

I think this thread is a wonderful idea! Is there any way the thread can be listed like on the first page of the Credit Card Forum? Many individuals may miss out on it b/c they are unaware it exists.

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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

company                               amount owed         CL

AMEX                                   0                           1000

Barclay                                 163.00                   1000

Bank of America                   0                              500

Capital One                           0                              200

Capital One                          0                               200

Capital One                          0                               200

Capital One (HSBC)             0                               300

Capital One (HSBC)             0                               300

Credit Care                           0                             2000

NFCU                                   0                             5000

Paypal                                  125.00                      300

Wells Fargo                          150.00                     1100

US Bank                               0                                300

USAA                                    0                               350

Amazon                                 0                               700

Blair                                       25.00                        350

BP Chase                             0                                150

Buckle                                  0                                 500

Express Next                        0                                250

Exxon                                    0                               500

Giinnys                                 0                               1000

HSN                                     38.00                          500

KingSize                               0                                 250

Macys                                   0                                200

Mason Shoes                       0                                 500

Masseys                               0                                500

Monroe and Main                 0                                750

One Stop Plus                      0                                250

Conoco                                 0                                400

Shell                                      0                               400

Stoneberry                            0                               750

Target                                   0                               200

WalMart                               175                            600

Wards                                   0                               750


total                           owe      676                         21650    amoz  .0312

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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

wHiTeSoL wrote:

Awesome idea! Keep me honest guys!  All 0% BTW


      Cards                             Balance             Due Date             Limit


AMEX BCE$3,177.6915th$6000
Barclay Lufthansa                     $6,051.70 19th$9000
OCCU $4,749.5021st$12000

Total                                 $13,978.89          

Goal August 2014 (Due date for first child!)    

Update! All still @ 0% for atleast 10 more months
AMEX BCE015th$6000
Barclay Lufthansa                     $6,051.70 19th$9000
OCCU $4,499.5021st$12000

Total                                 $10,551.20

   3/12 $3500     6/12 $1200      10/12 $1500   12/12 $3400    6/13 $12000      7/13 $5000      7/13 $2500       8/13 $2000    8/13 $6000

  | CSP (AU) $12,000 | Amex PRG (AU) | United $6,000 | OCCU $12,000 | Ink Bold | GM $3,200 | DCU $7500 | Luthansa $9000 | SPG $6,000 | Citi AA Executive $11,000 | Ink Plus $5,000                                                                         | EX 2/7 697 | EQ 10/27 721 | TU 12/15 719 |

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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

Great job so far guys!! Lets keep going strong! I will post an update soon. I have tons of irons in the fire so to speak at the moment
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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

Well, I got Lowes Paid to 0, and WM less then 25%.  I am taking advantage of some BT offers at 0% and have reduced my monthly interest by 30 dollars, .. As of tonight I am at 49.8% UTI.. I am having some current issues with the spreadsheet, or I would post it up here, maybe in a bit if i can get that fixed.


In the meantime, I also got Wifes UTI below 14% on her cards, so now I can concentrate on mine a bit more heavily.  the Income tax return will put another dent in it when it comes in ... I just have to quit procrastinating and do my taxes.. LOL


The challenge is still kicking guys!!.. Rock and roll!!

OFFICIAL GARDEN START DATE: 10-05-2014... TARGET GARDEN END DATE: 06-01-2016 Lets Git 'r' dun
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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

Got 4k coming back via taxes soon, more money to throw at these creditors, sometimes I wish they had a local office where i can just walk in and drop the cash (music video style)

   3/12 $3500     6/12 $1200      10/12 $1500   12/12 $3400    6/13 $12000      7/13 $5000      7/13 $2500       8/13 $2000    8/13 $6000

  | CSP (AU) $12,000 | Amex PRG (AU) | United $6,000 | OCCU $12,000 | Ink Bold | GM $3,200 | DCU $7500 | Luthansa $9000 | SPG $6,000 | Citi AA Executive $11,000 | Ink Plus $5,000                                                                         | EX 2/7 697 | EQ 10/27 721 | TU 12/15 719 |

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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

I'm so glad I saw this thread!!!  I used to be a constant follower/occassional poster in this forum then in 2013 my husband & I bought a house so my focus was elsewhere.  I religiously paid my cards off every month and just used them for rewards purposes...until we were about to get into the house and were just in.  For the first time in my life I'm carrying huge balances and it gives me the worst anxiety!  No, really, I can hardly handle it.  


Chase Freedom - 0 (recently paid off and I still use it for my daily purchases for points)
Amex Blue Everday - 3643

Alliant CU - 1762


This is already paid down quite a bit so I'm pretty proud but I can't wait to have it all paid off and focus my money elsewhere.

2/22/13: TU-716, EX-702, 4/24: EQ-749
2/20/14: TU-695, EQ-671
Goal: mid-700's

Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

I'm IN!

Here's my current status. My balances are all on 0% cards, and I will be paying off Barclay first at $500/month with the others each getting $300/month until Barclay is paid. As soon as I get off my tuchus and do our taxes, I'll be able to pay down or off all but Wells, and then $1k/month to Wells from that point forward.


BUT, here's the rub. We are about to start the process of becoming foster-to-adopt parents to a teenager. We need to do some renovations to the house in order to make this happen, which means a home improvement loan. I'll have to jump out of the garden to start this process sooner than I'd originally planned, as we need to be done by August. So, do I move all the revolving debt to a personal loan type situation in order to pull it off revolving, boost my score, and get the reno loan? Or do I see if we can get a personal loan that covers both the payoff of credit cards AND the reno? I'm not sure how much equity we have in the house right now, if any, due to the market. It may or may not be worth more than the purchase price in 2011. I suspect it's up about $40k from the purchase price, and we've paid off $20k, so we may be able to go with a HELOC. I just don't know until I talk to my mortgage broker.


Anyone here who is smarter than I am about these things, feel free to chime in with your 2 cents.


Wells Fargo Rewards Visa $   5,464.27 $  7,000.00
Wells Fargo Health Credit $            -   $  3,600.00
FNBO Overstock MasterCard $   2,167.00 $  3,500.00
Barclay Platinum Rewards MasterCard $   1,174.98 $  2,500.00
Capital One Platinum MasterCard $            -   $    300.00
Chase Visa $            -   $  1,773.00
Lane Bryant $            -   $  1,750.00
QVC $            -   $  1,700.00
Best Buy $            -   $  1,000.00
Chase Amazon Visa $            -   $    500.00
Target REDCard $            -   $    500.00
Torrid $            -   $    350.00
Macys $            -   $    300.00
TOTALS $   8,806.25 $24,773.00
Current % of limit (overall)36% 
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Re: The GREAT CC Payoff Challenge!!

I have basically a zero balance on 33k of available credit, and a measly 24k in annual income.


But my rotten, hideous teeth need about 30k worth of work (unless I just get dentures at 35 years old!)


So, in reality, I feel like I'm worse off than anyone in this thread.


I did just get a $5k CareCredit card. I'll probably max that sucker out in one sitting.