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The Past Returns, Now What?

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The Past Returns, Now What?

Sigh: I knew it could happen but I was so hoping it wouldn't after all this hard work!!!

Over the past several months I have been paying large amounts of debt down, I Settled a Capital One Card and a Santander Car Loan Account.  Both accounts deleted off of 2 Credit Reports, for some reason each remains on 1 report (each being on different reports)

I was able to refinance my car, obtain a Barclay Apple Visa, PayPal MC, and a Walmart Store Card

Then last week I started getting updates on my monitoring service, Last week I had one for a mortgage that was foreclosed and included in my Ch 13 in 2007... I was able to talk to a very sweet lady and smart lady saying that her bank bought all the accounts from the bank that the house was with and if the account had been foreclosed it just got filed within the system and closed or something rather (Meaning we don't care or have info on the account and it should not have sent any info to credit report) She gave me addresses, account numbers, status, etc. to write in to have it removed... so I hope that to be resolved.

Now just now I pulled TU and EQ because on monitoring reports I see info for Cap1 and Santander looks updated.... As I said above only 1 report has bad info for Santander and 1 account shows closed and $0 with Cap1 but not reporting paid, just charge off, but still better then before.

HOWEVER, now have at least 3 different mortgages reporting anywhere from paid closed ICIB, to Forclosed $0, to Past due 120 days with balances... most are reporting sometime between Jan. 2010-May 2011ish!


I'm just not sure where to go, it seems they are getting updates as my credit gets better that it may be time to try to come back and collect.

Chapter 13 was Dismissed 2-2010.

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Wow I'm sorry to hear that. I know you've been working diligently to repair your credit and have noticed signficant improvement recently. While we can't run from our past, if we keep our noses clean and take the next right step -- things WILL get better. Even though I don't have a foreclosure in my past, I have a couple things that could rear their ugly head at some point. But if/when that day comes, I'll have the MyFico community advise me on the next right step.


Sorry I couldn't offer specific advice, but I encourage to keep taking action and results will follow.

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Smiley Sad I'm so sorry to read this from you, I really can't offer any specific advice either.


But try to keep your head up and think positive.


Use the info the lady gave you to write them letters providing any information she gave you, and hopefully they will remove the inaccurate listings.


I'm wishing you the very best.

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

I could be wrong but it almost sounds like that as your credit has been improving you have been watched. Have you opted out?

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Sorry to hear that I also am worried about baddies popping upSmiley Sad
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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Varakai wrote:

I could be wrong but it almost sounds like that as your credit has been improving you have been watched. Have you opted out?

If I'm not mistaken Opt in is for possible pre approvals not for collection agency's?


I think I have the mortgages figured out and so far it looks like for some reason the accounts that were included in the bk that had deleted off are now back on... they are all reporting included in the bk and $0 balance, so they are not to terrible on my credit so far because it's showing last date in 2007 but still I like them gone better!!

Just need Santander to work with me now, the lady earlier would only submit the correct information to EQ if I let her report the correct information to all 3... However they are currently deleted on TU and EX... She was nasty anyway so i just told her not to do anything and I would work with EQ, might try next week for a different rep, I didn't have this problem before submitting to only 1 CR that was incorrect.

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I can only imagine how you're feeling. I'm terrified of that happening, too, and all my hard work being in vain.


While CAs can soft or hard pull whether or not you're opted out, I still opted out when I first joined the forum. Enough posts recommended doing it, that I figured I had nothing to lose. I have *not* frozen my repts., which is another issue that people debate here. For me, that seemed like a lot of work and money, when CAs can still pull your rept., even when it's frozen.


In any case, if I were you, I would consider opting out. You can always opt back in. There's no cost either way. But it could be that the CRBs are selling your info to creditors, JDBs, etc. And that's what has triggered this mortgage issue coming back. Of course, there's no way of knowing for sure. But I felt like I'd rather be safe than sorry and opted out to be on the safe side. Then at least I know that I've done what I can to keep my credit info private. Smiley Happy



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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Opting out prevents the credit bureau's from selling your info to potential future creditors AND collectors. Now if the collection agency is a good investigator or already has your info, it won't help you.


Rather then airing your dirty laundry for everyone to see, you keep it in the hamper so to speak. You still have dirty laundry, just not everyone can easily see it which may help as most collection agencies like to go after easy targets and spend as less resources as possible. After all, time is money.


The fact that you have applied for credit and received credit in the recent past, indicates to collection agencies that your financial situation may have improved and now they would like their money or make it harder, if not impossible, for you to obtain any other credit, such as a mortgage, in the future.


Opting-in is NO real benefit to you, or anyone, at all. All you get out of it is those silly credit card and insurance card offers. That is the ONLY benefit. Opting-out does NOT prevent you from obtaining credit. You just won't get any pre-approvals through the mail and you won't be able to use the pre-approve function on the discover, Amex, BoA and other websites. I was able to apply for and receive a Boa Cash Rewards Platinum card (now a signature card) while having opted-out.


Hope this clarifies things somewhat.


i highly recommend you Opt-out now!!!

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

Im so spooked mine will come back Im keeping a freeze on my reports indefinetely and opting out!

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Re: The Past Returns, Now What?

I pobably will go the freeze route after I get a couple more things cleaned up and hopefully a "Good" credit card.

When I went into the BK after about 6 months I froze all my reports, then I unlocked them about a year later but left EX froze for several years because if they were not going to let me check my fico I was not going to let anyone else either!

So far only one collection company pulled a hard on my credit back in 2010 I think it was but the account is already gone.

However my friend just asked me to help him again repairing his and he had 5 hard inq within last year for collection companies... none for actual applying!! That's bad!!


And even though current creditors are suppose to have access even when reports are frozen, I have never seen a credit get a report of mine without me unlocking it when it was frozen and talking to current companies.

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