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The blacklist workout....

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Re: The blacklist workout....

Got impatient, and just called backdoor UWs....BIG FAIL!!!

They said they like what they see, but played 20 questions about my "ghost history," prior to 2011.... Not comfortable giving me a card, with amount of time with my current Indifferent


Oh well....back to Amexland.

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Re: The blacklist workout....

I had never heard of a blacklist...and I had some pretty bad situations with various cards between 2001 and 2003.  I mean, why would a CC actually blacklist someone?  I would think that if you owed them money or they thought you were a risk, they'd just deny you.  Seems a bit off to me...

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Re: The blacklist workout....

Well, since Barclay didn't want to play, I just added the Paypal MC. Guess GE's not headed out of my wallet yet. Smiley Tongue

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