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They said I was LATE!!!

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Re: They said I was LATE!!!

My Sept. bill WAS paid and posted to my acct. Aug. 28th.(I paid it early)  My Oct. bill was paid in late Sept. but never posted to my acct....It never went through my bank really must have been lost in the mail.  So, technically I hadn't made a payment since late Aug., but, it was for the Sept.5 bill....I called the cc company to pay-by-phone and this is when they told me I was more than 30 days past due?! The Sept. bill was paid on time (on Aug. 28th) BUT they said it had been more that 30 days between payments...then they rambled on something about their billing cycle...I was lost and totally confused!!  Not to mention pi$$ed!!  They dropped the late fee ($29) because I was "a valued customer and have never been late on my payments before"....then they said, that unfortunately they can't change the cb reporting of 30 days late!!

It has not been reported, yet....I have been watching for it.  I even spoke with a supervisor!  I don't think they know what they are doing!?!?!?

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Re: They said I was LATE!!!

The last post on this thread was removed, as it did not address OP's question.

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