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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

I pif all cards when i use them. I try not to use them for anything that i dnt already have the cash for then when transaction post i pif. My merrick has a low limit and monthly fee so i just let that $4. report. I'm i little obsessive about it because i got myself into alot of trouble in the past and never wanna go there again.

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

When I had reason for lower utility, I'll just push a payment before it reports, or just use my charge card.  Now, I just wait for the ebill, and click pay through my online banking.

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

3...Easiest and most logical option

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

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Somewhere between 3 and 4.


1-2: I think those are outlier behavior to banks


5+: Doesn't  make much sense unless you're either high balance chasing, or have to float the debt for whatever reason.  Not certain there's a whole lot of point to the first except on a BOFA NPSL card that stubbornly refuses to report a limit, and the second one other than 0% financing, I tend not to do unless I'm either saving cash (during my unemployed times), or I don't have the money to cover the marker... those two tend to be synomymous in my current life.


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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

i only really use my NFCU card currently, and I make one large payment ($3k-$5k) a few days before statement cuts.


As for the rest of my cards, when i do use them, i usually give it a few days then pay them off b/c they are usually smaller purchases anyway ($200 or less)


I also pay all my bills through my NFCU card except for the bills that require ACH payments.



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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

3. I use the float for all of them too unless I need to apply for credit (in which case I'll pay early.



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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

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Normally I PIF every account once a month a couple of days before the due date. Except major 0% purchases. I milk those to the max and then PIF a couple of months before the promotion ends.


However, if I plan on applying for credit, I PIF every account before the statement cuts and let a minimal amount report.


The last couple months we have been spending a lot on home improvements and once again I'm PIF'ing every account before the statement cuts to keep utilization low to not spook anyone.

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

I pay in full the week I receive the e-statement.

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

autopay from my Chase account at middle of my billing period for $50 to each cards I use a lot, and minimum payment set up from each credit card directly. This way even if one bank screws up I'm in the clear :smileyhappy:


also use and

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Re: This is How I Pay my Bills Thread

BrokaToe wrote:

I was just curious as to how most of you handle your credit lines and payments.


Personally, I will let my paychecks build in my checking account and tend to pay some each week until my balances are PIF right before the statements cut. Leaving a small balance on 1 alternating card each month to report for maximum FICO scoring. (yes, even though I'm not apping for anything, I'm just psycho like that lol)


Let's hear from the Family!


Do you:


1. Keep all your cards paid off as you charge on them.

2. Make larger payments either weekly or bi-weekly, making sure they're PIF by statement cut.


3. Let the money build in your checking account and then pay cards in full only once a month.


4. Let the money build in your checking account and then pay a better than minimum payment monthly, but not PIF.


5. Let the money build in your checking account and make minimum payment each month leaving a balance to report or revolve.


Just thought it may be a helpful thread for those wondering how to best manage their payments, by hearing from all the experts. :smileyhappy:

None of the above.  


My 2 priorities are "Never be late" and "Rarely par interest"

So after the statement closes, I pay the minimum payment and sometimes more.  

Then before the due date I make a 2nd payment to pay the rest of the the statement balance before so no interest is due. 

If it is a zero interest deal then I let it ride.    



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